Young the Giant’s wonderful world of bass-lines

Painting of Young the Giant by the truly talented Kelly Condon (best gift ever!)

As I mentioned in my post about music education, I am primarily a bass player. Therefore, my ear tends to enjoy artists/bands who bring high energy and exceptional bass-lines. Young the Giant (YTG), who is in the running for being my favorite band for the past three years, has this formula down pat.

Originating in Irvine, California as the “Jakes,” Sameer Gadhia, Eric Cannata, Jacob Tilley, Francois Comtois and Payam Doosztadeh solidified to become “Young the Giant.”

YTG found the limelight with its debut self-titled album and hit songs such as “My Body” and “Cough Syrup” (as heard in Glee). The band hasn’t looked back ever since.

Fans love the chilling voice of Sameer, the great guitar tones of Jacob and Eric, or the boombastic beats of Francois. However, I am an advocate for Payam’s talent on the bass guitar.

Payam Doosztadeh is undoubtedly one of my favorite bass players. He knows how to make a song come alive without having to make too over-complicated or simple of a part.

Out of adoration and appreciation, I have listed my five favorite “Young the Giant” bass-lines!

Payam rocking out at Slossfest 2015 (my photography skills were lacking)
  1. “Eros”

“Eros” is a party. Payam’s mixture of slides, syncopation and funk all provide a jam that anyone could dance to.

  1. “Mind Over Matter”

Wow. When I first heard this song, I probably played it on repeat 10 times at least.

Payam’s laid-back play-style on this song really displays how much variety he can bring to the table. Without this part in the song, it really doesn’t stand out.

  1. “Silvertongue”

Like many of the songs off of Home of the Strange, “Silvertongue” is highly bass driven. It brings out a lighter, more party-like side to YTG’s discography and to be honest, it just works. Payam brings a more complicated part to the table that gets stuck in my head over and over again.

  1. “Nothing’s Over”

The one bass-line on Home of the Strange that triumphs over “Silvertongue” has to be “Nothing’s Over.” When I first heard this song, I immediately grabbed my bass and slaved over learning this tremendously creative bass-line. Payam brings a new dimension to his bass chops on this track, yet I couldn’t let it be my No. 1.

  1. “Your Side”

Ladies and Gentleman, my No. 1 YTG bassline is the underdog, “Your Side!” No “Young the Giant” bass-line can top this one for me. It has a riff that stands out as one of my favorite bass-lines of all time. It not only helped me fall in love with the band, but it also helped me fall in love with playing the bass.

All that I can say is: thank you, Payam.

Please give “Young the Giant” a listen! The band has a transcendent sound that continues to stay unique.

If you have listened to them, what is your favorite song of yours and why? I would love to hear you guys’ opinions! Leave a comment or email me at






Chance the Rapper takes Grammy Awards by storm with ‘Coloring Book’

Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, a young man from the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, has taken 2016 by storm. Better known as “Chance the Rapper,” Chance found himself basking in an exponential growth of popularity thanks to the release of his third mix-tape, Coloring Book.

Coloring Book is my No. 1 album of 2016. It is a catchy hard-hitting rap album that exudes gospel-inspired beats and lyrics. It is the pure definition of happiness and fun.

After countless listens, every song still has not gotten old yet. Coloring Book brings a fresh new light to hip-hop and helped my love for the genre grow. Listening to it will forever remind me of the summer of ’16: the illustrious time of collegiate anticipation.

Grammy history

The 2017 Grammy Awards was a historic one. For the first time in its history, the Grammys allowed streaming-only artists to be nominated for awards, giving Chance and others to gain an opportunity at the Grammy winnings.

The rapper went above and beyond with this chance (ha), and earned himself seven nominations including three wins:

  • Best New Artist
  • Best rap Performance- “No Problem”
  • Best Rap Album

Along with these winnings, Chance performed one of my personal favorites “How Great (Feat. Jay Electronica and My cousin Nicole)” and absolutely left me and the rest of the world speechless.

A humble man of great talent

It is quite often rare to find an artist in today’s day and age that shows humility. Chance shows all of this and more.

Chance does his profession all out of love. He chooses to be an unsigned artist that passes out his music for free. In an article with Billboard, Chance proclaimed: “It’s not about the music being free. It’s about how it is displayed and made accessible and about artistic power… It was always about the artist-to-fan relationship.”

Chance uses his music and career to give back to the city of Chicago and those he loves. He proudly shines his faith in the Lord for all to see and yet does it selflessly and humbly.

I hope that Chance continues to be himself and to be an influential part of the hip hop/music community as a whole. Kudos to you, Mr. Chancellor Bennett.

Have you given Coloring Book a listen yet? Either if you have or not, what would you say your favorite album of 2016 is? Please feel free to comment down below and/or shoot me an email to