Life and a multitude of interests

Dreams. As humans, we naturally have them. We want to be the next big artist, movie star, athlete, etc.

Many solidify themselves to one big dream, one goal, one big interest. I myself, throughout my whole life, have bounced between interests, dreams and goals. There are so many different things that I love (hence the very scatterbrained blog).

It normally seems when high school comes around that people will begin making cuts on things to pave way for their main goal or aspiration. For example, I saw plenty of my friends move from playing three sports their whole life to focusing on just one. I was a football-only guy, so this was not the case for me!

I am very thankful for the high school I attended. It highly encouraged cross-platform involvement. Thus, I found myself acting as a singing and dancing, saxophone-playing offensive linemen.

Where am I going with all of this talk about high school? No, I am not making an ad saying that I peaked in high school. The point I am making is that having multiple hobbies, interests, goals, whatever one may want to call them, is healthy, natural and great.

Having lots of pastimes proves to be a great time. It provides a balance in life that brings peace and joy. Multiple investments in life prove a path to open-mindedness.

Having multiple interests and aspirations is great, but as with anything else, there are bound to be negative sides to it.

Being involved with different organizations, groups, etc. leads to overlap. Overlap leads to picking and choosing what rehearsals/meetings/practices to miss and thus, stress ensues!

Not only this, but you could find yourself being a little bit above average at everything you invested in. There lies the advantage with honing in on one main aspiration/goal.

Overall, I have enjoyed this somewhat scatterbrained life. It creates excitement, and I wanted to give encouragement to those who may feel hesitant to invest in more than one hobby. The human brain is a powerful machine and holds lots of space for many skills and many talents!

What is your greatest talent/skill? Let me know by leaving a comment or shooting me an email at!

In Him,